Displaying Your NFT Collection Without Breaking the Bank

The great thing about digital collectibles, or NFTs, is that they are, well, digital. Having your collectibles exist on the blockchain means that they are easily sharable, don’t physically clutter up your home, and are protected from being counterfeited. For people who like to collect digital art, it’s a gamechanger. 

However, for those of us who don’t have our whole lives on the internet, digital collectibles can be hard to adjust to. For one, they can only be displayed on your device’s screen. Having collectibles restricted to your phone or computer can make it difficult to display them on a wall like traditional art usually is. 

Don’t fret, though— physical display options for digital art do exist. Many companies make pictures frames that house a screen specifically designed to display digital photos or videos. These digital picture frames boast special features like anti-glare screens, speakers, and even wireless connection to your devices and cloud storage. 

As you may have guessed many of these options are quite expensive. For example, Atomic Form Wave, a popular NFT physical display, retails for $1,500. Most of these NFT-specific frames are marketed as premium products for the discerning collector— not for the casual enthusiast. 

Although they may not have all the bells and whistles of NFT-specific frames like the Atomic Form Wave, there are plenty of inexpensive options to display your collection. 

Aura Carver

4.8 Rating out of 8,700+ Reviews

Current Price $149 

Screen size 10.1 inches 

Resolution 1280 x 800 

Dimensions 10.5 x 7.3 x 0.99 inches 


  • The Aura Carver is a great option if you’re looking to play videos, as it has 30 second video playback, higher than most frames on the market 
  • You can also upload media to the Carver through Aura’s phone app, which gives you free, unlimited cloud storage for your Aura frames
  • Traditional-looking picture frame lets it blend in well with actual picture frames


  • Screen quality at certain viewing angles is inconsistent 
  • 10:16 screen size means most photos must be resized or cropped 

With its 30 second video playback the Aura Carver is perfect for displaying video NFT collectibles like the NextName X-Series.

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4.6 Rating out of 11,400+ Reviews

Current Price $98 (25% off) 

Screen Size 10.1 inches

Resolution 1280 x 800 

Dimensions 11.4 x 8.2 x 0.99 inches 


  • For those uninterested in phone apps or cloud storage, the DragonTouch offers a simple, hassle-free solution in the form of a high onboard memory (16gb) and thumb drive support
  • Also supports sending media through WIFI
  • Long video playback (30 seconds)


  • Users have reported glare issues with the screen 
  • Like the Aura Carver, the screen quality drops at certain viewing angles 

“Worked well with my NFTs”

“Had to put them in to a video editor to change the formatting to 4:3 but worked great after that.” – Jamey Stamper 

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4.7 Rating out of 21,200+ Reviews

Current Price $109 (39% off) 

Screen Size 10 inches

Resolution 1280 x 800 

Dimensions 11 x 7 x 0.99 inches 


  • NixPlay offers a NixPlay Plus, a yearly $50 subscription that provides extra features not found with other frames including: 
    • 50gb of cloud video storage 
    • Unlimited cloud photo storage 
    • 2-minute video playback 
    • Lifetime replacement warranty 
    • Many other features 


  • Its advantages heavily rely on its subscription service, as the free plan offers substantially less features: 
    • 5gb of cloud video storage
    • 15 second video playback

With its 2-minute video playback and 50gb of cloud storage, The NixPlay Plus subscription service really makes this one stand out for collectors who prefer animated NFTs. 

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Netgear Meural

4.1 Rating out of 260+ Reviews 

Current Price $699 

Screen Size 27 inches 

Resolution 1920 x 1080 

Dimensions 19 x 29 x 2 inches 


  • Highest quality screen 
  • Eliminates glare well 
  • Viewing angle does not decrease screen quality  
  • Offers a yearly subscription service to display digital versions of fine art on your Meural


  • Expensive 
  • Some latency when playing videos 

“Displays my NFTs Beautifully!”

The Meural is easy to use and displays my photographs and NFTs beautifully!” – Matt Sovic 

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